President Oversteps Constitution, issues order for all sick people to show up for work.

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Washington DC:  THE WHITEHOUSE  January 17, 2014

In a move that is sure to have the tea party threatening yet another Impeachment of authoritarian president Obama’s over reach of constitutional duty and law, the president today announced that in support of big business sickness doesn’t count.  “No excuses for missing work” he said from the Oval Office as he signed into effect the “No idiot left behind” act.  This ties in with the Affordable Care Act and he said further, “If I give you stupid people healthcare, then there is absolutely no excuse for missing work.  Henceforth, for the remainder of my reign, there will be no more sick days.  Regardless if you have the flu or even EBOLA, you can not use or justify your absence from work.  There will be no more paid sick days, and that’s that.”  In other actions today, the president is considering requiring ALL true blooded AMERICANS to breathe.