Daisy has gone to play with her brother

Well, the deed is done.  It was sad, and peaceful.  Could not succeed getting an I.V. in poor old Daisy, she was so dehydrated and weak.  Spoke with the Vet, and used an Intracardiac injection of the “Euthasol” and she died over the next few minutes.  Dog lovers need to address the reality of humane care for pets who are sick, dying slowly, and putting them down is never easy.  Sorry Paige, Happy, Rocky and Family.  Glad I was able to help out.


2 thoughts on “Daisy has gone to play with her brother

  1. Living on a farm animal deaths are part of the package. I hope that we provide great lives for even the food stock critters we raise, we try to keep them healthy, happy , clean, and with plenty of room . They are raised almost as pets with love and care that makes it harder to harvest them but I think it respects their lives. When you buy meat in a store you don’t have to go through any of the thought process and feel nothing for the way they were treated or raised before they became just meat. I’ll stick with our way and I think both the animal and my family benefit from that. When ever I have to let a pet go it is heart wrenching but ending suffering is part of path to finding enlightenment.

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