Cold Bay AK remote and beautiful

So here I am in Cold Bay, working for the Eastern Aleutian Tribes organization, at their clinic.  My “office” looks over one of the largest airports in the state, a former emergency field for the SPACE SHUTTLE in fact.  The air traffic here is varied, from the Seahawk helicopters of the USCG to their Hercules command plane.  I have decided that when I get too old to work, or do anything else, I want a front room in a house that overlooks an airport.  I can always dream of my days flying.

Having been fortunate, and had many fine toys and experiences, I must also remember not to come across as boastful.  That is not a good character trait.  Luck played a great deal in the matter.  Getting a good education in a state University (U.Mass) and many jobs until finding that a P.A. is what I was meant to be, was 99% luck.

Could have stayed in one place and not taken the chances that are often required for luck to happen in the first place.






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