This is my friend YODA.  As you can see from his ears, he IS Yoda.  He was abandoned at a Navajo campground in Az., eating baby diapers when he came to beg food from us.  His fine temperment, small size, and loving nature immediately captured my heart, and it was sub-freezing at night.  I could not leave him to starve and die.

A trip to the vet for worm medicine, chipping, vaccinations, and eventual neutering, combined with an investment in “Sit Means Sit” have released a beautiful animal from a feral background.  Thank DOG for Yoda.  In truth, HE rescued ME.

In this portrait he is modeling his new “Hoodie” that we got for an ADVENTURE TO COLD BAY.  He also got a new travel crate, comfy pillow and a re-purposed wool blanket ‘borrowed’ fromm Virgin Airlines years ago.

The day of travel however had other plans.  The vet approved him for airline travel, between 32 and80 degrees, and it was 8-F on Saturday 1/12/13 and they would not accept him.  Sorry buddy, maybe NEXT time.  I was so looking forward to his company.  He is good for me.  Wakes me early without an alarm clock.  He has a butilt in “belly clock” that rings loudly at Oh Dark 30 for breakfast, and I have to get up and going every day.  That is a good thing.  Some”one” relying on me.  Food. Water. Exercise. Fun.

Dog lovers will get it.

Screw the rest.


7 thoughts on “YODA the “RESCUE Dog”

  1. Bobby, nice story sorry mans bff couldn’t make trip with you, would have been great company. Next time hopefully weather will co-operate as it must get lonely. Seems like you weren’t home long..no!

  2. I am back in Pueblo now, between Alaska gigs, and starting a “new” job 1-2 days per week as soon as my Colorado license gets re-activated. Working at the county jail which has 600 inmates, and a very nice clinic. Fun and close to home, AND they’ll let me keep going to Alaska.

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