Actually COLD here today, and snow.

Have not seen much sunshine since arriving Cold Bay, AK.  But all in all it has been very moderate in temps, mid 30’s.  Today cold, and it snowed enough to have to plow the runways.


Tyson Responds to “BOYCOTT TYSON FOODS”

Sad example of ANIMAL CRUELTY.  DEMAND better treatment of our food animals. We are supposed to be HUMAN and HUMANE. This is pathetic. to sign petition

From Tyson:  Ms. Cathy Williams writes:

Thank you for your email.  Tyson does not own or operate this Wyoming farm. We do not tolerate the mistreatment of animals by any of our suppliers. Since May, when the undercover video shot at this Wyoming farm surfaced, the supplier has been thoroughly investigated by our Office of Animal Well-Being. We were satisfied by the operator’s corrective actions, which included its work with on-site animal welfare consultants and retraining its workforce in proper animal handling. We also understand the company made management changes and terminated some employees after its own internal investigation.

It should be noted that Tyson Foods does not purchase hogs raised on this farm for our pork process plants. We have a small, but separate hog buying business that purchases aged sows from this farm; however, these animals are sold to other companies and are not used in Tyson’s pork processing business.


So I am learning how to use WORDPRESS so I can support my best friend who is launching a blog.  More when it is launched and ready for her readers.

by the way, the photo of wine, peaches, grapes was taken in Italy, and has nothing to do with DOGS.  The photo was taken at a wine festival in Chianti in Grevé Italy.  The full Picture is beautiful.   We had it printed on canvas at CANVASPOP.COM and it hangs in our home,

looking ready to eat.  The picture below right shows it hanging in our dining room.

.Fruit Italy

Fruit in Dining Room

Daisy has gone to play with her brother

Well, the deed is done.  It was sad, and peaceful.  Could not succeed getting an I.V. in poor old Daisy, she was so dehydrated and weak.  Spoke with the Vet, and used an Intracardiac injection of the “Euthasol” and she died over the next few minutes.  Dog lovers need to address the reality of humane care for pets who are sick, dying slowly, and putting them down is never easy.  Sorry Paige, Happy, Rocky and Family.  Glad I was able to help out.